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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
                   --Lee Pound

July 2020
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Three Keys to Marketing Your Book

Here are the three key elements you must do before you start to write your book. […]

One Thing After Another Going Wrong?

Is your life a disaster or a colossal failure. It’s all in how you think. […]

Book Writing Tip #1 – Getting Started

Lee Pound shows you how to overcome the inertia that stops most people from writing their book. […]

A Few More Reasons to Write Every Day

To build professional level skills, you must use those skills every day. Writing works in exactly the same way. […]

How to Begin a Story

Several key elements must be present at the beginning of any story. These elements create the emotional context that keeps your reader reading. […]

The Key to Creating Influence in Your Writing

The single most important way to influence people is by creating an emotional experience with your writing. Here’s how. […]

Three Key Benefits of Outlining Your Book

Your outline is like a road map that gives you a clear path to the completion of your writing journey. […]

Three Reasons Why an Outline is so Important

When you create an outline before writing, you eliminate writers block, create a more targeted book, and finish more quickly. […]

Five Key Elements of Your Book Outline

Here is a specific outlining method that will make your writing easier and focus your thinking on the content of your book. […]

How to Get Past Writers Block

Everyone talks about writers block. Almost nobody talks about how to cure it. Here is the most effective cure for writers block that exists. […]