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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
                   --Lee Pound

February 2020
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How to Get Started Writing

The best way to start writing is — start writing. Create a first draft, then edit your work and you will finish much faster. […]

The Truth About Writers Block

Writers block is not the inability to write. It does far deeper. Find out what it is here. […]

Nine Ways to Add Visual Impact to Your Writing

How to use specific, visual adjectives to give your writing powerful emotional impact. […]

Five Mistakes Fiction Writers Make

If you correct these five mistakes you will create much more powerful fiction and non-fiction writing. […]

Five Things You’re Selling Every Time You Write

No matter what you write, there are at least five things you are selling, even if you have no products for sale. […]

A Fun City and Great Writing

Great writing is like a wonderful city. The author gives you an emotional experience that leads to buy his or her products or services. […]

The Only Kind of Writing That Matters

Learn the only way to attract customers and clients through your writing. […]

Why Writing Quality Matters

How to master the writing techniques that create an emotional experience for your readers, attract attention, and create interest in your programs. […]

Real Thanksgiving

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day today but make giving thanks and showing gratitude a daily event, not a yearly event. […]

Time to Get Serious About the Blog

It takes an event like BlogWorld Las Vegas to bring all the virtual friends together in one place so they can actually meet each other in person. We should do this more often. […]