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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
                   --Lee Pound

May 2020
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Will Nothing Ever Happen?

Some writers get so caught up setting the scene that they forget to start the story. […]

The New Year’s Zoo: Lessons for 2011

Learn business lessons from the animals at the San Diego Zoo […]

Happy New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve! […]

A Writing Milestone

Yesterday Lee Pound completed writing and posting 80 stories in a row on his blog. Here’s how he did it. […]

The Writer’s Dilemma

Many writers claim to be victims of writers block. Here is a simple, effective solution from Lee Pound that will have you writing in seconds. […]

Story Writing Ideas are Easy to Find

Most people fight to come up with good story ideas. Here Lee Pound shows us how to easily find ideas and write about them. […]

Book Writing Tips #2 – First Drafts

Most writers make a major mistake in the way they write first drafts. Here Lee Pound tells you what that mistake is and how to correct it. […]

A New Site for Stories

Check out me new blog where I will post a story a day for the next year. […]