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July 2020
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2010 – The Year of the Book

Sounds odd, doesn’t it: Proclaiming a “Year of the Book” at a time when the very existence of physical books is threatened by all manner of electronic technologies, when people buy books but seldom read them, when you can download hundreds of electronic books to a device about the size of one hardcover book.

So why bother to write one and why bother to do it in 2010?

The answer is simple: money, clients, standing out in your market.

A printed book may not sell a lot of copies. In fact it has always been difficult to make money from book sales. Even major publishers will tell you they make all their money from a small fraction of the books they publish.

However, a printed book immediately sets you apart as the expert in your field. It helps you stand out from the crowd and increases visibility. It helps you get speaking engagements and helps you get booked on radio and television shows. It attracts customers and clients.

Instead of a business card or brochure, you give a copy of your book to potential clients. Long after the cards and brochures have been tossed, your book will sit on the bookshelf, a constant reminder of your expertise and your products and services.

This year I’ve decided to challenge all professionals, coaches, consultants, speakers, novelists and marketers to write your book and join the elite ranks of published authors.

That’s why I’m calling 2010 “The Year of the Book.” Almost everyone reading this post has thought about writing a book, even said the magic words, “I need to write a book.” Yet for most of you, that book remains unwritten, remains a vague idea floating around in your head.

It’s time to get that book out of your head, get it onto paper and get it working for you. NOW! If you don’t do it in 2010, you may never do it.

So here’s my challenge:

  • Write and publish your book in 2010
  • Begin now. Decide your topic, narrow it down, outline your book, and get started.
  • Follow this blog. Here you will get encouragement, tips, and specific tactics you can use now to make your book happen.
  • Tweet about your book on Twitter. Use the hashtag #yotb2010.
  • Read my tips on Twitter.
  • Write an average of one page per day. No more, no less. Keep writing, do not edit, do not go back and change anything. Just write.
  • Proclaim everywhere you can that you are writing a book.
  • Send me a copy of your book when it is published. I will give a special prize to the first 1,000 authors who send me your book.
  • If you need specialized help from me, go to http://www.academyofwritingexcellence.com and check out the many programs I’ve made available to you.

My goal is to help 1,000 authors write quality books in 2010, to help them stand out in their markets, to help them show their expertise to the world.

Will you be one of that elite group?

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