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May 2020
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Five Reasons Why You Need to Write

A lot of people tell me they’re not writers. They say they can’t get two words out in the right order, writing is too painful, not enough time, they’ll get someone else to do it, and so on. You’ve heard most of the excuses.

The truth is, every one of us writes all the time. Even if you are just chatting with someone, you are writing a first draft (of course it’s never recorded so there’s never a second draft).

My definition of writing is: The act of putting words into sentences that make sense, convey information, entertain, make an argument, or attempt to sell a product or service. It doesn’t matter whether the words are thought, spoken, recorded, written out by hand or typed into a computer.

People think writing is painful because they haven’t practiced. Learning to ride a bike is painful, especially the first time you fall off.

People can’t think of anything to write because they’ve never thought through what they want to write about. You have to tell your subconscious what you want to write about if you want anything productive to happen.

People also have no idea why they are writing anyway. They crank out words with no purpose, then say, “I’m writing.” It seems that the mere act of writing is purpose in itself.

So why should we be writing?

  1. To Entertain.  Most of us read fiction, humor, travel stories, and biographies, and watch television shows and movies just to be entertained. We enjoy the creative ability of the writer. Novel writers seem to write to entertain and most readers are entertained by them. However, virtually every peice of entertaining writing also has other important aspects. Read on.
  2. To Promote a Message.  Most writers want to say something to their readers. This includes fiction writers. In fact fiction is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out because it is delivered in an emotional context. Much opinion writing in newspapers, blogs and magazines is promoting a specific message.
  3. To Attract People to You.  The message you send out will attract people to you who agree with you. When your message resonates with your audience, they will want to know more about what you have. Virtually all advertising is in this category.
  4. To Create the Aura of Expertise.  When you write or speak, you are presenting your message to your target audience. People respect the written word and respect the person who has written it. In fact, most experts become publicly recognized experts after they write a book or series of articles.
  5. To Convey Information.  Virtually all non-fiction conveys information of one type or another. If might be technical, historical, self-help, or any of a vast array of topics. If you have information you want to get out to the world, you must write and publish it for it to have any effect.

Writing is the key to effective communication. When you do it right, you attract people to your message, you get your information out to the world for all to use, and you entertain people.

Over the next month we’ll talk about how you can use writing as a powerful marketing tool to reach your target audience and create your aura of expertise.

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4 comments to Five Reasons Why You Need to Write

  • Great points about writing! :) I'm also glad you joined up for #blog30 because I'm interested to see what you have to write about! If you write more about well, writing let me know! It's a subject I'm very interested in, especially 'Writing For Marketers' :)


  • Hi Piotr,
    Thank you. I will be writing a lot more on this subject of the next few months. Keep tuned!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lee Pound, Lee Pound. Lee Pound said: @JeanetteCates Five Reasons Why You Need to Write http://bit.ly/a9ZyRh #blog30 […]

  • Hey Lee!

    thanks for responding. Once I have time to organize all the interesting sites and stuff into a system that I access from multiple places and systems yours will be one of the first I'm gonna add! Writing is such a huge subject that so many overlook it as not only the second more primordial system of communication (second only to verbal communication), but it's just SO extremely important to marketers.

    As marketers, at least I think so, we need to learn negotiations, copywriting, speaking, public speaking (there is a difference), haggling, and on and on the list goes!

    Thanks for writing about a topic I'm most interested in!


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