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May 2020
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Five Ways to Get Started on Your Book

This may start to sound like a motivational blog instead of a writing blog. However, most of the problems we have around writing books are the same as those around starting to do any project.

If you have a problem with procrastination, you will  have a problem writing your book. That’s because the procrastinator always finds excuses to do anything but the project at hand.

It’s particularly easy to find ways to put off starting your book. The excuses are many: takes too much time, not ready, need to think about it, have other things to do, too busy already, and so on until you drop from exhaustion just thinking about them.

And once they’re all listed, the book still isn’t started.

Starting your book, like any other project, involves taking small concrete actions, one at a time, over a period of time, consistently. If you can’t do that, you’re hopeless. If you can’t start, you’ll never finish.

How do you get started?

  1. Pick your subject. “Wow, that’s a big step! You mean I’ve got to have something to write about?” That’s right. You can’t write if you have no subject. It’s amazing to me how many potential clients say they don’t know what they want to write about. But they want to write that book and can’t figure out why they get nowhere.
  2. Write blog posts. I know people who have written a book based on a batch of blog posts. Of course it needs to be organized. The great thing about writing a blog is that it doesn’t feel like writing a book. You’re just putting ideas down. But you’re writing and that’s the important part.
  3. Find your target audience. Every book has an audience. No book appeals to everyone. Given that your book will attract people to you, why not aim your book at people you want to attract? Makes sense, doesn’t it.
  4. Write an introduction. The introduction tells the reader what the book is about. Once you’ve written it, you will know what your book is about, even if you hadn’t figured that out earlier. By the way, you can change that intro if your book changes.
  5. Outline your book. This gives you an idea of what you will actually write about. The best part is, as you write, you will know what comes next. No writer’s block.

Ask yourself this question: How many years have you been a “future” published author? Isn’t it time to become a “present” published author?

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