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August 2020
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Good Energy Day, A Time to Act

It’s worldwide Good Energy Day today. If you go to Twitter, you will find a huge buzz from all over the world.

As you go through your work day today, remember to send good energy to those around you and to trouble spots around the world.

There is a deeper meaning behind this, however. When we take action, we create energy in the world. This energy stimulates others to follow us in ways we can only imagine. When you plan your day this morning, think about whether you will put off doing what you know you must do or whether you will finally make today the day you take action to make your goals happen.

Just taking one step can set in motion events that will change your life and perhaps influence hundreds of others. I’ve seen it happen in my own life and encourage you to make it happen in yours.

Make tomorrow a truly memorable day, not just for yourself, not just for everyone you know, but for the world.

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