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August 2020
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How Committed are you to Success

193 isn’t a particularly meaningful number. It’s one more than 192 and one less than 194 but it’s just a plain ordinary number. So what does it mean to write 193 stories in a row, every day?

We know a lot of people who can do a task for one or two days in a row, maybe even three or four, and think they’ve done pretty well. Get to ten and that’s really an accomplishment. Those people are fooling themselves. Doing a task ten times in a row isn’t much and it isn’t hard to do. I don’t care what that task is.

The plain truth is if you can’t do your basic tasks every day, day in and day out, you are setting yourself up for failure. Successful salespeople make a certain number of calls every day. If they don’t, they aren’t salespeople, they are order takers and they fail when the orders don’t come in.

For a writer, writing is a basic task. Writers write. Every day. Or they aren’t writers.

Yes, I write a story every day. However, I’m also writing and editing two other books, not to mention several ongoing clients. My Profitable Social Media book is scheduled to be completed this summer. I work on it every day. Adapt or Perish is scheduled for completion this spring. I work on it every day. Success for a writer means writing every day.

Success for a business means doing the basic tasks of your business every day. If you get around to them once in a while, you aren’t in business. Just like writing, there are certain things you must accomplish every day. You know what these are.

This is why 193 stories in a row, one every day, means something. If you can build the habit of doing what you need to do every day, in a row, day after day, you will find massive success in your business.

Writers, if you write every day, not just one story, but a story, a chapter, an article, every day, you too will succeed. You will find yourself growing as a writer exponentially, you will find that your ideas come more readily, writing seems easier, and every so often one of those pieces you write will get published.

This is the secret to success. Tools are important but commitment is critical. Without it all the tools in the world won’t make you a dime.

How committed are you to success?


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3 comments to How Committed are you to Success

  • How Committed Are You To Success…

    […]Writers, if you write every day, not just one story, but a story, a chapter, an article, every day,[…]…

  • I’m very committed to success but my definition is much much broader than unnecessary materialistic goals or excessive wealth. I’m not wealthy but I have an extraordinary amount of freedom in my life – travel to 6/7 countries a year with my wife, read incessantly and write (3 books) and give seminars on topics that I’m passionate about and give back by participating in various mentoring programs. Life is not a dress rehearsal and is meant to be lived.

  • Hi Riley,
    I agree with your comment and love the freedom you have. I used writing and business as examples but the main point is that whatever your definition of success, it comes from consistently doing the tasks you need to do. In your case, it is doing the things you are passionate about. I write my stories every day and post them on my blog (http://www.365storiesinayear.com if you haven’t seen it) and am doing it because I love to write. Success is in the process and after writng 193 of them in a row, that is success.

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