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August 2020
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Time to Get Serious About the Blog

I attended BlogWorld in Las Vegas last weekend and have to say it really put this whole social media thing in perspective. Blogs are big business with hundreds of vendors serving them and of course millions of writers.

Everyone I saw was enthusiastic, having a good time, blogging on round tables with plugs thoughtfully provided for everyone.

The key revelation was that it is time to take this blog to the next level. I’ve posted a bunch of tips on writing and speaking over the last few years (small bunch anyway) but not very consistently and with long gaps in between.

So here it is midnight in Southern California and I should be in bed but I’m blogging.

Where else but a blogging conference could you meet people as diverse as Mark Joyner, Internet Marketer Extraordinaire, Mari Smith of social media fame, and other celebrities.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and entities yet uninvented are the future of communication. It’s fast, fun and easy. Too often people hide behind the keyboard though and nobody meets in person. Enter tweetups and conferences and you see the never ending stream of virtual friends meeting for the first time in person. And acting like old friends, which of course they are.

It seems like we are seeing the release of a pentup desire for connection ina world that has become unfriendly to personal connection. We want to meet people, we want to chat, vent and just sit around and be present. Sometimes we¬† just lurk and feel we’ve connected.

It take a BlogWorld to make us realize that there are real people behind the blog names, the YouTube videos, the Twitter posts. Mostly they started out like the average person and had a brilliant idea that resolated across the Internet. No superheroes here, just smart people with ideas that worked.

Enough rant for tonight. Just think about this next time you are on Facebook and Twitter and see those names stream past. There’s a real human there. Take a moment to connect, say a kind word, a thank you. You’ll brighten up someone’s day and yours as well.

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