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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
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August 2020
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Will Nothing Ever Happen?

Some writers get so caught up setting the scene that they forget to start the story. […]

Book Writing Tips #4 – Kinds of Writing

Writing Coach Lee Pound shows you the only two kinds of writing and which one you must use. […]

Why I am so Hard on Fiction Writers

Many new fiction writers fail to master the craft of writing before they submit their work for publication and thereby doom themselves to failure. […]

Why Stories Matter

The single most important technique you can use in your writing is stories and story structure. They create the emotional reaction that engages your readers. […]

The Secret Trick to Keeping Your Readers Reading

There is one technique that will keep your readers reading every time you use it. Learn it in this post. […]

Nine Ways to Add Visual Impact to Your Writing

How to use specific, visual adjectives to give your writing powerful emotional impact. […]

How Awful Writing Can Hurt You

Celebrity is not enought to guarantee book sales. You also must be well written and grab your reader’s attention. […]

Three Ways to Create Interesting Writing

To create interesting writing, create a question in the reader’s mind, use yourself as a character, and create an emotional experience for the reader. […]

Why Writing Quality Matters

How to master the writing techniques that create an emotional experience for your readers, attract attention, and create interest in your programs. […]