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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
                   --Lee Pound

August 2020
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How to Become an Influential Writer and Marketer

In this video Lee Pound shows you how to become an influential writer and marketer by learning the writing skills that great writers, marketers, religious leaders and politicians use to influence people and that successful businesses us to attract customers and clients. […]

How Writing Makes Marketing Work

Lee Pound shares how the marketing process and the writing process are similar and how both produce huge results. […]

The Only Two Kinds of, well, Everything

In this post, Lee Pound shows you how to get back to the basics of what is important in writing, business, and life. […]

The Biggest Reason to Write

The biggest reason to write is to enhance your skills in a way that allows you to share your skills and help others at the same time. […]

Five Strategies to Make the Middle of Your Story Come Alive

To create a successful story, you must keep the reader reading through the middle of the story. Use these techniques to make this happen. […]

Why I am so Hard on Fiction Writers

Many new fiction writers fail to master the craft of writing before they submit their work for publication and thereby doom themselves to failure. […]

Three Ways to Create Interesting Writing

To create interesting writing, create a question in the reader’s mind, use yourself as a character, and create an emotional experience for the reader. […]

The Only Kind of Writing That Matters

Learn the only way to attract customers and clients through your writing. […]

The Novelist: King of Persuaders

The novelist uses the same techniques the best marketers use to keep their readers reading. Learn these techniques and your sales will jump. […]