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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
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August 2020
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The Writer’s Dilemma

Many writers claim to be victims of writers block. Here is a simple, effective solution from Lee Pound that will have you writing in seconds. […]

Book Writing Tips #3 – Blocks

In this video, Lee Pound shows you how to overcome writers block. […]

How to Add Writing to Your Stable of Habits

To create a new habit you must repeat an action day after day until it becomes part of your daily routine, an item you do without thinking. […]

How to Get Past Writers Block

Everyone talks about writers block. Almost nobody talks about how to cure it. Here is the most effective cure for writers block that exists. […]

How to Get Started Writing

The key to starting to write is to first allow yourself to write badly. If you know those first words will never be seen publicly, you become free to write whatever you like. […]

How to End Writers Block in Fiction and Non-Fiction

Most writers block is caused by lack of knowledge of your character in fiction or lack of knowledge of your subject in non-fiction. Here is the cure. […]

The Truth About Writers Block

Writers block is not the inability to write. It does far deeper. Find out what it is here. […]

Five Ways to Get Started on Your Book

You can get started on your book today. All you need to do is take action. These five steps will make a big difference. […]

Writers Block Myths – What they Mean and How to Beat Them


We’ve all experienced it: Staring at a blank page and finding no words with which to fill it.

We call it writers block and we rail against it as if it was a physical being standing between us and the words needed to fill that empty page. It seems real, almost palpable, and frustrates […]