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March 2020
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Beginning Your Speech

Your speech opening is the most important part of your speech. If you lose the audience with your first words, you will never get them back

You can use several openings for your speech.

First, you can ask a question that pertains to the subject of your speech. If you are talking about marketing, you can ask, “How many of you want to make money on the Internet?” This question involves the audience, makes them give a positive reaction to your topic and creates the anticipation that you will answer the question you just asked. You should ask two questions to ensure that everyone in your audience answers.

Second, you can make a shocking statement, such as, “Fewer than one percent of those who try to market on the internet actually make money.” This will pique their interest and the expectation that you will give the solution to that problem.

Third, you can tell a story that relates to your subject.

Fourth, you can do a song, poem, performance of some type. You can do an introductory powerpoint that gives details on your background.

Whatever you do, make certain it is clear, catchy, and gets a reaction from the audience.

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