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February 2020
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Good Writing is Critical to Marketing Success

Every time I go to a networking event and mention that I teach writing skills, some people say, “Oh, I hate to write and I’m not very good at it anyway.”

These people are usually in business, attempting to sell their services to those attending the event, and usually wonder why nobody is interested in what they have to say.

They never connect their lack of writing skills with lack of success at marketing and networking.

Talk to most of the big Internet marketers and they’ll tell you they write their own copy. They have studied persuasion in depth. They know how to tell stories in a way that creates an emotional experience. They know how to get people to buy. They do it with their writing.

When you read their marketing materials you find copy that is crisp, clear, attention grabbing, and persuasive because they’ve worked very hard to make it that way. And they know exactly what they are doing.

Contrast that with our networkers who say writing doesn’t matter. They are great talkers. No need to write their material out. And if they do have to write an ad, get the secretary or salesperson to do it.

Read a lot of the comments on opinion blogs. Many are almost illiterate, filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes. And proudly so. They try to sell their ideas with copy that stinks and wonder why nobody listens.

The point is that the writing you put out represents your company. If it is bad, people will think your business is bad. If it repels them, they will not buy from you.

Over the last 100 years, with the advent of the telephone, radio, television, and lately the Internet, many people have come to think that the written word has less importance than in the past. Books don’t sell as well and letter writing is a lost art.

They miss one key point: Virtually everything you see on television, hear on the radio, and see on the Internet, even videos, are carefully scripted. The best marketing materials are written and rewritten and edited and edited until they are right.

The Internet requires great writing skills because virtually every word is typed in on a keyboard, in other words, written. Even the seemingly unscripted videos are carefully planned out in advance. In a written environment, the words you use take on enormous importance.

And, yes, there is a persuasive technique that all great writers use to convince readers to buy their products, services and ideas. You will see that technique used in virtually all effective writing.

Here’s a brief outline of that technique:

  • Use an attention grabbing opening.
  • Become the main character in your writing. Use your ideas, your passions, your discoveries, not someone else’s.
  • Show how you overcame the problem your reader faces.
  • Show how the reader will benefit from using your product or service.
  • End with a strong call to action or lesson.

This is the basis of virtually all great persuasive writing. Learn how to do it and your business will take off.

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