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July 2020
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The CSL Writers Workshop Revealed

I have a confession to make.

For the last year I’ve been conducting a secret experiment in teaching writing and publishing skills that’s turning into a resounding success.

Let me explain.

It’s been a frustrating process to teach a few people a year how write a powerful, emotionally stimulating book that will sell. Yes, a few books have come out but at this rate it would take years to reach enough people to make a difference.

The experiment began with a question. How do I reach far more people and at the same time give them deep writing skills that will sell books? Is one-on-one the only way to develop great writers? I didn’t want to copy all of those self-publishing companies that charge you a fortune to print a bad book. I have a passion for quality as the best way to get your message across.

The other problem I wanted to experiment with was how to get people with great ideas and great information to share with the world to sit down and write. I’ve seen so many people tell me, “I’m not a writer. I don’t know how and I don’t want to learn.” Yet those same people have ideas that could help a lot of other people and make a lot of money if they could just get the encouragement they need to put words on paper.

CSL Writers WorkshopThe experiment started a little over a year ago with 24 people in a classroom at National University in Costa Mesa, California led by a team of professional writers, graphic artists and marketing specialists and the idea that we could teach new writers how to write a book and publish and market it in just two months.

I knew I was onto something big when one of the students said, “I’ve taken dozens of writing classes and nobody’s ever taught us this before. I’m amazed!” Yes, a number of them dropped out but the result was three books ready to publish.

So we started a publishing company.

Successful as all that was, we still needed to get our students to keep writing. The one class a month in person training wasn’t working well.  Too much time in between. (By the way, this is the secret of developing a great program – test, test, and test.)

So we got a bright idea. Do the course in six weeks, two sessions a week, and do it online so anyone could participate. I have to tell you the first few sessions were a bit rough but once we got the hang of it, the sessions went so well that everyone was writing, posting, and commenting. They were participating in the classes, listening to what we were teaching and doing it. Books were coming together before our very eyes.

Wow! My partners and I looked at each other and said in one voice, “Let’s go public!” A world of writers needed what we had to share and were eager to take it in, if we taught them in the right way.

So the idea works, the test is over and the class is ready for prime time. It’s time for a lot of people who never believed they could write a book to step up and do it. It’ll build their business, get them on stages, make them experts, attract a lot of clients and customers, and change their lives.

Meet Sheri and the CSL Writers Workshop Team from Jim Turrell on Vimeo.


Here’s the secret sauce: You write a short e-book, maybe 20 to 30 pages in just six weeks. A page a day? No sweat. Then you publish it. You pay your money, we hold you accountable, and we give you deep writing skills in an intensive, no nonsense atmosphere. You start writing on day one and you never stop. When you’re done, we will teach you how to market your book and if it’s good enough, we’ll publish it too.

I’m so excited to share this program with you. My personal goal is to make it possible for you to write and publish a great book that people will want to read, not a piece of trash that gets laughed at. The next one starts September 15 at a computer near you and I’d love to have you be a part of it.

You can get all the details at http://www.cslwritersworkshop.com.

If you have any questions, just give me a call at 949-246-8580.

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