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August 2020
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A Cruise, A Seminar, and a few Insights on Marketing

A few weeks ago, I wrote a passionate piece on getting serious about updating my blog. Then, quite mysteriously, I disappeared for two weeks.

Well I’m back and bring with me a bunch of marketing insights from two incredible events. One was a seminar and one was a cruise.

Oct 22-24 I attended Lisa Sasevich’s three-day event in San Diego with my business partner Arvee Robinson. We had no idea what to expect but joined the about 180 other attendees for what turned out to be a spectacular event.

The event was the culmination of a five-month marketing effort that began with a teleseminar, led to a teleseminar series and then to the live event. That’s way to simplistic an outline of what Lisa actually did, which was to create a funnel that started with a free teleseminar and led to selling a very high end mentoring program.

Some lessons:

  • Touch people four or five times before you try to sell them something big.
  • Be professional in everything you do.
  • Have a plan that begins with the end result in mind and covers all the steps in between, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Be spectacular.

I came home that Saturday night and the next day my wife and I drove up to Los Angeles and boarded the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Mariner of the Seas.

I gave two enrichment speeches on board and my wife gave one (thanks to Daniel Hall and his  “Speakers Cruise Free” program).

However, this cruise showed me just how masterful the cruise ship line’s marketing is. Virtually everything on the ship was free, including food, shows, towels, deck chairs, entertainment, etc, etc. And it was quite spectacular.

But there were items you paid for, like excursions, drinks, high class restaurants and diamonds. Each of these paid items was carefully promoted, beginning well before the passenger ever boarded the ship and continuing each day with television, shows, published materials and even booths set up on the promenade deck. At least five or six touches for every item.

The cruise was choreographed with total precision, from meal times to port calls, to boarding procedures and disembarking procedures. Passengers had to do very little thinking. It was extremely professional.

Finally, all the planning led to the end result, that the passenger had a wonderful experience, and, incidentally, bought some excursions, drinks, and, yes, diamonds.

Notice the similarities between the seminar and the cruise. Both were choreographed with professional precision, leaving nothing to chance, with a specific end in mind and constant communication with the audience. And with a certain percentage of the audience buying the products offered.

This is a simple but powerful marketing blueprint that you, as a business owner and marketer, can use over and over again to draw customers to your business and convince them to buy.

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