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February 2020
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Five Key Elements of Your Book Outline

I talk about outlining your book quite a lot.

Lots of people agree that outlining is a great way to start your book but others have said they prefer just sitting down and writing.

I recommend outlining because it gives you a clear roadmap to finishing your book. You always know what comes next and you are never at a loss for words.

However there is a specific way to outline that makes your writing task even easier and your writing even more focused. Here are the five key steps to outlining your book (and any other writing you do):

  1. Choose your theme: This is the big idea for your book. It is a statement of purpose and benefit and is for your use only.
  2. Choose your target market: These are the people most likely to need what you have to say. For those in business, these are the people most likely to want to buy your products and services.
  3. Determine What Your Target Market Knows: This is where you will start your book. The introduction and first chapter start at their current level of knowledge.
  4. Decide What You Want Them To Know: This is the level of knowledge that you want your audience to have at the end of the book or article.
  5. Determine what items you need to bring them from current knowledge to the new level of knowledge. These items, between five and ten or more in number, will become your chapters. Within the chapters you will give the main points of learning, add in stories and examples, and reference items you will cover in later chapters.

This outlining process will give you a clear path from the beginning of your book to the end. In addition, you can add any items you need to the outline and revise it as needed as you proceed with your writing.

Note that there is a very specific series of steps that you go through to focus your thinking on what needs to be in the book. If you follow these you will attract the readers you want and the customers you want.

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2 comments to Five Key Elements of Your Book Outline

  • I'm backtracking and found more super tips. You can be sure I'll use them for creating my workbook. Thanks so much!

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