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February 2020
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Five Things You’re Selling Every Time You Write

“Why do I have to pay attention to that marketing stuff? I’m not selling anything!”

I’m sure you’ve heard this comment time after time from well-meaning people who think that “sell” is a dirty word. If you go to their websites or blogs, you find out it’s true: They aren’t selling any products. However, they write and write and write.

Let’s get real. You’re selling every time you write. Why else would you put these long strings of words together on the page? If nothing else, you are selling your reader on reading your stuff. Therefore why wouldn’t you use the latest marketing techniques to get read?

Now that we’re clear, here are five items you are selling even when you aren’t selling anything.

  1. Your ideas: We write to advocate ideas and positions we want others to accept, or at least listen to. It is very important to use persuasive writing skills when you do this.
  2. Your information: Even if you are writing about a subject just to share information, you still need to make sure you are addressing it to the right audience and you must present it in an interesting manner. If you bore your readers, they will never get to your information, much less benefit from it.
  3. Yourself: This is the biggest single item you must sell if you are to get readership. People want your take on the information and ideas you provide if you can convince them that there is a good reason for them to listen to you. Your readers need to trust you as a realiable source for that information. If you haven’t built that trust, they won’t accept what you say.
  4. Reading Your Post: If you can’t get your reader’s attention, they won’t read what you have to say. This is Marketing 101, novel writing 101, etc., etc. The headline and the first sentence draw them into your writing by creating curiosity. Boring headlines and boring posts don’t get read.
  5. Entertainment: Give your readers a good time as they read and they will return over and over again. Lively writing with stories and great information will keep them reading. An entertaining writer does not need to by funny, just interesting.

If you have a message that’s worth writing about, you have a message that’s worth selling. Every sales trainer will tell you that nothing happens until the sale is made. Until you sell your readers on the value of what you have to say, they will never benefit from your message, no matter how good it is.

It’s time to learn how to use your writing to sell your message.

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