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August 2020
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Happy New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve and rather than write a completely fictional story or something from the past, I thought I’d reflect on the new year and what it might mean to all of us.

First, on a personal level, here in Southern California, we are not going anywhere. Today was cold but beautiful with snow-covered mountains as a backdrop. Tomorrow morning, as I predicted a few days ago, will dawn clear and cold for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl football game, which by the way I attended in person last year with good friend and writing partner Ed Philipp. (Not this year though.)

It’s not that we aren’t social. We are. In fact we are hosting what is becoming a traditional New Year’s Eve party at our home for a few close friends. No booze, just lots of fun. As I write, my wife Sheri LongĀ is getting ready for it and I will join her in a few minutes.

One milestone tonight: I finished editing the Adapt or Perish book. We will have review copies out the first of next year. It’s exciting. We expect it will help a lot of people cope with the new economy.

What’s coming up next year? First of all, the Go For the Gold seminar with my business partner in the seminar business, Arvee Robinson. Then who knows what else. Some launches, lots of list building, and maybe speaking at and showing up at a few events.

Looks like the economy’s improving so the horrors of the last few years are almost behind us. I look for an incredible year next year.

If you see a great year coming up, leave a comment on this blog.

See you in 2011.

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