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August 2020
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How to Add Writing to Your Stable of Habits

Most of what we do is automatic. We do it without thinking, as a routine part of our lives.

Think of your daily routine from morning to night. What do you do every day at about the same time? Are there actions you take that you don’t even think about? Of course.

Driving is automatic. How many times have you arrived at your destination and couldn’t remember anything about the drive? How often do you eat the same thing for breakfast? How many times do you go to a favorite restaurant and order the same meal?

These are all habits and for the most part they make our lives easier because they eliminate the need to think about many of the routine actions we must handle every day.

One of the keys to success is to establish habits that help you build your business, make your job easier, and get necessary tasks done.

For a professional or a marketer, writing is one of those necessary tasks. We write articles, ads, books, pr0motions, emails and speeches. Many professionals struggle to get it all done because they have not made writing a habit.

If you are working on a book, the most powerful action you can take is to write every day, even if it is just a few pages. Set aside one hour per day, whenever convenient, and write.

But, you say, what if something else comes up?

Here’s the answer: Do any of those other things interrupt your strongest habits? Of course not. We still get up, shower, eat, have lunch, eat dinner, watch certain TV shows (not everyone does this), and go to bed.

The only way to establish a habit is to practice it. Your start by writing a few paragraphs today. It doesn’t matter what they are. Write a few more paragraphs the next day, even if it feels weird, even if you want desperately to be somewhere else. This is normal. The urge will lessen. Each day, keep your appointment with your two paragraphs, day after day.

Eventually you will find yourself relaxing when you start writing. You will start to look forward to your two paragraphs and may even write more. Your words will make more sense as you progress and you will find yourself doing whatever it takes to write every day so you don’t break the string.

It make take a month or two but soon you will find that at the given time, you walk to the computer and start writing without thinking. Your new habit is officially launched. Your book won’t be far behind.

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4 comments to How to Add Writing to Your Stable of Habits

  • Lee,

    The most important thing I find in developing new habits is to start very small. I wrote every day for a year and I was able to do it because I aimed to write for 10 minutes each day. Sometimes I did much more. Sometimes I only write for 1-2 minutes. Starting small allows you to develop a habit. If you start small enough you can never have an excuse not to do something.


  • Ok! You are right: starting the habit is the difficult phase. And I think the #Blog30 Challenge is part of the motive to keep it going. Thanks for remind us that WRITING must be an habit!!

  • Hi Rodney,
    You are so right. The best habits start in a small way. It isn't the amount you do, it's the consistency.

  • Thanks Lee! We can accomplish so much when we put good habits in place. The writing habit is a powerful one. Great insights.

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