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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
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February 2020
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How to Make Writing a Part of Your Daily Schedule

This may be one of the most important posts I’ve written for writers.

Lots of people want to write a book. Lots of people want to write a blog, post articles, and so forth. Yet very few actually do.

Writing a book is rather easy. If you write one page a day, you will have a 365-page book in a year. That’s a glacial pace, extremely slow, and it produces a big book. Most of us don’t need to write that much. In fact, 150 pages will do just fine.

Think about how many tasks you do every day. There’s basic stuff like eating and bathing, driving to work, and doing whatever tasks your job or business requires. You may be able to think of hundreds.

Yet getting anyone to write every day is almost impossible. The excuses surface very fast, everything from having no time to not knowing what to write, to just doing it tomorrow. No wonder so few people write books.

The irony is that writing a book and giving speeches are the two best ways to create the aura of expertise that draws clients to you in an economy where every client matters. This is the prime marketing tactic of all marketing tactics and most people never get around to doing it.

I’ve dealt with a lot of the excuses in past posts. Let’s just say that excuses are just that, ways to avoid doing what you know you need to do.

You will notice that there is post on this blog every day this month. In addition, I am writing chapters for the Profitable Social Media book every week and editing my other book, Adapt or Perish. I could easily put all of these projects off. However, they are important to me and to my potential readers. This blog has gained a decent readership in a few short days and people are looking forward to these posts.

How do I do it?

Simple and so difficult most people never do it. I schedule my writing. I set a specific time when I will write on each book and when I will write this blog. Then I do it. This is the big humungous secret. Just sit in front of that computer and punch the keys for a specific amount of time. Put some words on the screen. Then put some more words on the screen. The only thing that creates a book or article or blog post is you, taking action.

It’s not hard to do a task that is important to you. Make your writing a part of your life and you will do it every day.

Sit down the minute you read this post and start to write. You’ll be amazed at what happens. And be sure to tell me about your results.

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