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August 2020
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One Key To Making Writing a Habit

Habits are built by doing.

The artist who wants to paint a portrait does not sit around thinking about his picture all day. He goes to the art store, buys an easel, canvas, a set of paints and brushes, sets up a studio in the garage, prepares the lighting and finds a model. These are all action items. When the model shows up, the painter goes to the studio, prepares the model, and starts to paint. He doesn’t think, wander, page through the newspaper or otherwise waste his time and the model’s time.

The next time you watch an artist in a mall, the kind who does instant portraits, note how little time is spent in contemplation. The artist looks at the subject and begins to work.

Writing works the same way. Writers write. This is their job. A writer makes certain he has the proper equipment, a typewriter or computer, printer, paper, thesaurus, dictionary, comfortable chair, clean keyboard and monitor and a quiet working space.

Then a writer sits down and writes. The writer writes every day, whether he feels like it or not, whether the sun is out or whether it rains. The computer is the writer’s office. The writer has scheduled office hours and follows those hours strictly.

In time, writing every day becomes a habit, as strong a habit as going to the office every day has become for most employed people. If you find yourself sleeping late, finding excuses not to write, and putting off the work, you have not yet built the habit. At first it takes concentration, much like learning to ride a bicycle took concentration. Soon you will want to write, you will look forward to your time at the computer, you will ignore outside distractions.

Start today to build your writing habit by sitting down at your computer and before you do anything else, write.

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