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April 2020
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Story Writing Ideas are Easy to Find

I wasn’t sure how it would go when I started the Story Writing Ideas and 365 Stories in a Year blogs. Everyone generally agrees that it is difficult to come up with good story ideas and even tougher to write the story. Now I’ve never had trouble coming up with ideas but one a day might be hard to do.

As it turns out, getting the ideas has been no problem. Mostly it’s been a matter of allowing them to come forth. As long as I don’t fight it to much, the right idea will emerge. So far I’m 14 days into my personal challenge to write and post one story a day for the next year. It’s actually getting easier as I go along.

Most people actively look for ideas. They try to force them out and they consciously search for good ideas that make sense. The problem is that they reject most of the ideas that appear and then complain that they are blocked. This is by far the most common reason people get stuck in their writing. It’s not that they don’t get ideas, it’s that they reject them all, many before they ever reach consciousness.

Here’s my process. I sit at the computer with a blank blog post screen in front of me. I empty my mind and listen for the first idea to emerge. It’s usually a few succinct words. I write those words in the title box. Next I go to the post box, the one I’m writing in right now, and go where those title words take me. I record the story or post. (Note I didn’t say write. The process is more like recording what comes from my subconscious mind.) After the story or post is written, I copy it into a Word document to edit and check for errors. I do the final SEO work and then post.

So far I’ve never gotten stuck and so far I’ve been surprised by the results. Some of the stories are better than others, many need some tune-up, which they will eventually get, all have a strong lesson and all have emotional impact, which a good story needs.

I suspect I’ll use many of these stories in my speeches and other writing as time goes on.

The point is that you can stop writer’s block in its tracks by changing your mindset around story creation. The creative mind is just that: creative. It throws forth ideas constantly. All we need to do is grab those ideas and run with them.

Throw out all the artificial story creation tools. Reach back into your mind, where the best stories reside, allow them to emerge, and record them. They will be more real, more powerful, and more resonant than anything your conscious, rational mind can produce.

Now I’m going over to the 365 Stories blog and write today’s story. As I write this, I have no idea what it will be about.¬† Go on ever there about 4 p.m. today to see what emerged this time.

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