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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write books and articles that establish you as the expert in your market.
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February 2020
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The Key to Creating Influence in Your Writing

I’ve talked mostly about technical items in the last few posts. All of these work together to create the basis for becoming an influential writer.

We write for one reason, to influence people to accept our information, our teaching, our ideas and our products and services.

All around us we see people doing exactly that. We see writers who are quoted, bloggers with huge numbers of readers, and commentators whose every word is gospel.

How do these writers and speakers get such influence?

Here’s the key: Give your reader an emotional experience and they will follow you anywhere, buy your products and become your most ardent fans.

We all act on emotion, even those who claim not to do so. If you don’t believe that, just honestly think back to why you bought your last car, why you chose your political party or the church you attend, and why you buy products from certain people and not others.

This is tougher than you might think because we cover this emotional buying decision with layers of justification filled with facts and logic. Just go with me on this one.

When you present facts in your writing, you are working on the left brain, the intellectual side. This area is filled with doubts, questioning and editing. We stare long and hard at the facts and often don’t make a decision because we claim that some facts are missing. The truth is, the facts are not strong enough to convince us to buy. They don’t make us want the product.

When you present your facts as an emotional experience, such as in a story, testimonial, or case study, you do several things. You take your reader’s mind off the facts and let them experience the solution your services gave to someone else, someone they can identify with, someone who had the same problems they have, someone who solved the same problems they want to solve.

This creates a powerful attraction between you and the writer. If you as the writer can solve your reader’s problem and can show that you have in fact solved that same problem for others, you are way ahead.

The story also bypasses that intellectual editor I mentioned a while ago. When you become immersed in an experience, when you can see, hear, taste, and smell it, when you can see a person just like you succeeding, you suddenly want what that person has.

Many years ago, I wanted to improve my writing skills. I went where the teachers who could help me were, to conferences, classes, seminars, critique groups, anyplace where I could get help. I joined an exclusive seminar led by Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day Publishers in New York and paid well for the privilege because I knew he had the knowledge I needed to meet the goals I had. I wanted those skills in a powerful, emotional way and did everything I could to get them.

You can do the same by learning how to create powerful stories that create an emotional experience for your readers. It is a skill that you can learn, just like you can learn to drive. These posts are designed to help you learn what you need to know.

I’ll give some tips on how to construct stories that influence over the next few weeks. Watch for them, read them carefully and implement the tactics and you too will become an influential writer.

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