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July 2020
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The Social Media Revolution

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there is a revolution taking place in the world of marketing. As those of you who sell products and services know, finding the right customers can sometimes be extremely difficult.

Social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others (hundred of others) are making that search far easier with tools that are incredibly effective at targeting audiences.

This doesn’t mean that you can jump right in and start sending marketing messages to everyone you can find and expect to get much in in the way of results.

Just remember, none of these sites change marketing as we have done it in the past. They are simply tools that allow us to target people in new ways.

The best marketing is still about creating relationships with people. It is still true that your best customer already knows you, trusts you and wants to do business with you. The social media sites are a way of building that trust and rapport.

I am teaming up with Ed Philipp and Warren Whitlock to write a new book on how the use social media as a marketing tool. Our plan is to have it out by next March.

By the way, writing is a key element in social media sites. All of them require that you write in some way, from the 140 character posts on Twitter to longer posts on Facebook or even longer blog posts.

You writing still needs to follow the standard format used to influence people to buy and that means creating an emotional experience. That’s why information and quotes are so popular on Twitter and why those ubiquitous requests to buy get ignored.

Quotes from other people are good but it’s even better to write your own quotes. Everyone has profound thoughts that can influence other people’s lives for the better. Watch what others do and try writing some of your own.

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