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February 2020
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The Truth About Writers Block

At one time or another, everyone has experienced the moment when he or she can think of nothing further to say or write. On stage this can be a most embarrassing moment. At the computer it is little more than a waste of time as we sit and think.

Earlier in this book, we discussed how fear can block us from accomplishment and how we can overcome that fear. This chapter presumes that you are beyond the fear of starting. If you are not, you must reread that chapter before continuing with this book.

Those who experience blocks believe that they exist, that there is a physical or mental wall of some kind keeping us from creating. By believing in such a block, they give the idea power to such an extent that whenever they have a moment during which no ideas come, they say they are blocked.

The truth is a follows:

 Writers Block Does Not Exist

The next time you feel blocked, try the following experiment. Instead of staring at your blank screen or pad, write a word, any word. It must be the first word that comes to mind. Write a second word and a third and a fourth, in any order. They do not need to make sense. They need only be written.

Note that no power of mind or body can keep you from writing four miscellaneous words. It certainly can’t keep you from writing a fifth or sixth. After about six words, write a sentence, short if necessary but including a noun, verb and modifiers. The subject does not matter.

Clearly you are not blocked from writing. You can write anything you please at any time you wish as long as you don’t think too much about it. If the information is in your head, you can put it on paper. If you cannot think of anything to write, you are experiencing a symptom of a larger problem, which is:

Fiction: You Do Not Know Your Characters Well Enough

Non-Fiction: You Do Not Know Your Subject Well Enough


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1 comment to The Truth About Writers Block

  • Good points in this article. Everything you said makes sense.

    May we talk sometime soon about what I need to do unblock my unique blockage.


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