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February 2020
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Three Key Benefits of Outlining Your Book

Outlining your book has three more powerful benefits that writers seldom talk about but that most professional writers depend on.

A professional writer on a deadline, such as a newspaper reporter, has to make decisions about what to put into a story very quickly. Most novelists and non-fiction writers have to make similar decisions.

For instance, the material in most books is not chosen randomly. The author has looked at each item that could be included and has made a conscious decision to either include it or not. The writer has also carefully chosen the order in which the material will appear.

Here are the next three key benefits of outlining before you start to write:

  1. You study each item that could be included in your book and decide whether it belongs or not based on your choice of target market and on the theme of your book. This precludes adding irrelevant material on the spur of the moment. Each item in your book is there because it is necessary to the complete understanding of the material you are presenting.
  2. You see the overall plan of your book as you decide which material is important enough to include in your book. Not everything you know belongs in your book.
  3. You can look at each item of information and decide exactly which story, example, testimonial, or case study will illustrate it the best. You then mark these items in your outline, placing them in exactly the correct place. You can even make notes about why you chose to place that item in that location.

When  completed, your outline is a carefully thought out summary of your book, its content and its arguments. It becomes a guide, like a road map, that you follow as you write your way through your book. Yes, it can be altered, just as you can take a slightly different route when you travel, but your destination is always clear.

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1 comment to Three Key Benefits of Outlining Your Book

  • Thank you for this clear, timely advice as I'm just starting to assemble a workbook. I pasted your 3 tips into my notes. My creations all too often involve far too much chaos, and I'd like to avoid that this time. Thanks again!

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