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August 2020
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Why Craft is Crucial in Writing

Remember the day you first learned to ride a bicycle, how awkward you felt when you lifted your feet from the pavement, how you wobbled as you pedaled slowly around a parking lot, how you were deathly afraid of falling over.

Anyone who has learned to drive using a manual transmission knows the first noisy clash of gears when attempting to coordinate the clutch and gearshift, the jerky starts, the killed engine.

The miracle is that we came back and tried again and each time we tried we became just a little better until hardly without knowing it we sped down the road on our bicycles or drive the car with confidence and without problems.

We transferred our first conscious struggles with riding or driving to our subconscious minds, which then took over the process and made it automatic. Now we drive without thinking, doing most of the mundane tasks out of habit, steering, making lane changes, altering speed, stopping at signals and stop signs, and keeping our distance from other drivers. The process becomes a habit.

Writing works the same way.

Our first attempts are awkward in the same way that first riding a bicycle is awkward. The right words don’t come, the writing feels stiff and uninteresting, our paragraphs seem unorganized and our thoughts seem unformed.

This is normal.

Have you ever heard of a profession worth performing that did not require an immense amount of preparation? There isn’t one. Writing as a profession requires as much specialized knowledge as most professions. The craft of working with words is a much a craft as working with wood, painting portraits, taking fine photographs and sculpting stone. We craft words to have an effect, to convey a message, to convince a doubter, to give the reader an experience worth having. If we do not use the craft of writing to the best of our ability, we let our readers down.

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