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July 2020
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Why Stories Matter

You’ve heard about all the different kinds of writing. Everything from fiction to non-fiction to biography, history, romance novels, and mysteries. I could go on and on.

There is one thing that differentiates good writing from bad writing in every one of these categories.

The use of story techniques.

I’m going to keep this simple today because the deep process of creating and using stories and story structure is very complex. The key point to remember today is that people learn best when they are in an emotional situation and stories create emotional reactions.

A book with wonderful facts may seem fascinating to the author but will quickly bore the reader. It becomes similar to reading the dictionary and how many of us do that? (Or laugh at those who do?)

The best way to add emotion to your work is to use stories. Stories give a visual representation of the material you are covering. They give specific examples of how your material is used. They also allow the reader to suspend disbelief and turn off his or her intellectual editor.

Think back to January 8, 1996. Do you remember what you were doing that day? Most of us can’t. I don’t. Most of us don’t have a clue.  Then think back to the day you were married, or your child was born, or a close relative died. Do you remember that day? Of course.

You remember it because the date is associated with a very strong emotional event and that anchors the incident in your memory for good. You forget the day-to-day facts of existence. You remember the memorable ones.

When you write, embed your facts in powerful stories that engage the reader. All great writers, speakers, politicians, and religious leaders do this. All successful leaders do this. These stories don’t have to be long. In most cases a few words will do, as long as they are the right words.

We’ll talk a lot more about stories and how they work in future posts. Just remember this. If you don’t use stories and story structure in all your writing, you will bore your reader. If you use them you will engage and enlighten your reader.

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