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February 2020
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Why You Must Learn to Write Stories

This may seem like a pretty useless skill in today’s information based society. Who has time to tell stories when we’ve got so many facts to get out to the world?

Truth is, the world is inundated with facts, so much so that nobody can absorb even a tiny fraction of one percent of all that’s out there.  The problem is not how to get your word out. That’s easy. Put it up on the Internet and it’s out.

The problem is getting anyone to read it.

Test this on yourself. Go to half a dozen blogs and note down which items you read and which ones you passed over. Ask yourself why you read some and not others. Be honest. There are no right or wrong answers.

I’ll bet some of the reasons went like this:

  • It caught my attention
  • I liked the subject
  • Didn’t look interesting
  • This whole exercise was a waste of time.
  • Looked too hard to read
  • I liked the writer’s style

And a whole lot of others. By the way, I’d love to hear from you in the comments about what reasons you wrote down and why.

As you think about it, notice that the decision to read was a snap decision, reached in just an instant. This snap decision was based on a slight surge of emotion, a quick desire to learn more, or some resonance with the subject line.

This is the key to why stories are important. Both stories themselves and the structure of stories create an emotional reaction just like the one you experienced earlier. (If you didn’t do the exercise, go back and do it now so you can experience this).

The first step in story structure is the attention getter. If the blog post headline was written correctly, it raised a question in your mind that you wanted answered, the same as the title or first line of a novel will do. You then read at least part of the post.

If the subject interested you, the headline gave you that cue and drew you in.

Stories consist of a lot more elements that create emotion, keep you reading, increase tension, and raise the desire to know more. When you learn how to write them and how to embed your facts in them, your writing will take on far more power that you ever dreamed possible and you will start to stand from that crowd of  fact purveyors who never get read.

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